Feast for the Beast

Feast for the Beast

Feast for the Beast Christmas Story werewolf

The holiday was at hand,

With food laid out for a feast.

Everyone was pleased to wait,

Except for one hungry beast.


While his friends watched the parade

The beast sneaked towards the food.

He was supposed to wait to eat,

As to eat now would be rude.


‘But who’d miss one cob of corn?’

He said as he had a snack.

Yet he was still quite hungry

And kept on coming back.


First he ate some more corn,

Then he ate a couple hams.

To wash the meat down he

swallowed jam straight from the can.



And who would notice a few

Fewer Tomb-scones at the table

if he ate them all before

the other guests were able?

 Tombscones Christmas xmas story

Five cups of party punch

Would be plenty for his thirst.

He wasn’t greedy for he left

enough for whoever got there first.


Six grave goblets might hit the spot

But seven would be better.

Eating them was messy work.

He got stains on his nice sweater.


Fruitcakes are tough to eat

They rise up, made with yeast.

But eight fruitcakes are no match

for a very hungry beast.


Combative fruitcakes. Armed

A green bean or nine would be fine,

But he came again and again.

A slice of pumpkin pie was fair,

 but he cut it the size of ten.


Slender-Tenders were his favorite,

He could eat a dozen with ease.

He settled for eleven though

And he didn’t touch the cheese.


Twelve mugs of hot cocoa

stopped his belly from growling.

But there was a smell in the air

that again sent him prowling.


The smell of turkey in the oven

made the beast want to have a peek.

Before he knew what he was doing,

He’d stuffed it all in his cheeks.


‘How could you do this?’ his friends asked.

‘That turkey was for everyone!’

The beast had meant to have one taste,

But left everyone else with none.


Seeing the mess the beast had made,

Made all his friends quite annoyed.

Each had brought a special dish,

That the beast had then destroyed.


With stomachs growling with hunger,

One by one each guest left for home.

Soon everyone had left the feast,

Leaving the beast all alone.


Though the beast’s belly was full,

His heart was the reverse.

His selfishness had upset his friends,

And made them all disperse.


The beast rushed to the store

To buy everything he would need.

Sugar, flour, and a big turkey.—

He had all of his friends to feed.

Dale the Salesman crappy products - Feast for the Beast

First he brewed hot water to fill

Twelve mugs with hot chocolate.

Then he restocked the eleven

Slender-Tenders from his own closet.


Second he baked a pumpkin pie

Plump and ten slices round.

Then he diced up green beans

Enough to go around.


Arming eight fruitcakes he

Asked them for their service.

They reluctantly agreed to help

For they were all nervous.

COmbative fruitcakes - Feast for the Beast story

Together they dug up dirt enough

To fill seven grave goblets.

The beast let them snack on one,

For he owed them all a debt.


Next he brewed a cauldron full

of slimy green party punch.

In the oven he baked a batch

Of tomb-scones on which to munch.



He opened three cans of jam:

Solid, purple cranberry.

Then he glazed and cooked the hams,

Complete with pineapple and a cherry.


With the corn husked and grilled,

The beast was nearly done.

He simply had to cook the turkey,

And ask all of his friends to come.


Once his guests had all arrived,

The beast hugged them and apologized.

Then he revealed the feast he’d made.

Each and everyone was quite surprised.

Sleeping werewolf Gummy - werewolf in sweater - Feast for the Beast

The beast’s friends began to eat,

But the beast quickly fell asleep.

Sneaking food had come at a price;

Like the supplies, it wasn’t cheap.


Still, the beast had done his best

To make good on his mistake.

When he woke the food was gone,

leaving nothing but fruitcakes.


His friends all thanked him for the meal,

Then they all went home to rest.

The beast’s stomach growled with hunger;

As he wondered what was for breakfast.



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