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Who is Felipe Femur?

Felipe Femur is a website devoted to providing kids with fun, free, and fascinating Halloween activities on the web. Felipe Femur the friendly skeleton knows the internet can be a scary and dangerous place, so he and his friends created a safe hub where children can play games, listen to music, print activity sheets, read recipes and articles, and find recommendations on movies, TV shows, books, and even other kid friendly websites all in an safe environment. Felipe loves to share, after all–share time with his friends in character corner, share spooky stories, share free activities, share knowledge, and share fun and creative websites outside his own home page. That’s why he provides an alphabetical list of the greatest kid friendly websites. He believes the internet should be used to learn and have fun, for the betterment of everyone, and he knows that goal is better achieved with everyone working together.

Keep up with Felipe and his quirky friends by bookmarking this website. The Felipe Femur website is routinely updated with new crafts, music, stories, and holiday themed word searches and other paper activities such as coloring sheets, as well as free new Felipe Femur inspired Android apps for phones and other mobile devices.


ZebraFox Games

ZebraFox is a two man production team, consisting of Artistic Director/Programmer David Dorn, and Writer/Creative Director Russell Dorn. The name ZebraFox represents the combination of their nicknames, Zebra for David, and Fox for Russell. The names came about in that “Dave” and “Russ” never had a pleasant ring to either of the brothers’ ears. Both brothers are from Reno, Nevada.



David Vincent Dorn

RussellRussell J. Dorn

David Vincent Dorn


David has been into art since he could shuffle the dry Cheerios on his high-chair tray into a pattern, and smear pea soup on the canvas of his bib. He studied 3D animation while still in high school, and performed well enough in a college game design class to land himself a job at 5000ft, a tight-knit slot machine designing company. He’s dabbled in digital painting, web design, film, photography, but relies most heavily on his 3D modeling and Photoshop skills to create the majority of his work, including Felipe Femur. He obtained a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2010. After earning his degree, David moved to South Korea for two years in order to soak up the culture, and to teach English to children and adults alike at a hagwon (English language academy). David is returning to school to earn a second bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Check out David’s work at his web site here.

For questions concerning the art or game mechanisms, please contact:

Russell Jon Dorn

Writer/Creative Director

Writer, editor, student, and aspiring novelist, Russell stands in the pro camp of Oxford comma usage, and is the creative director behind Felipe Femur. He began writing in high school, where poetry served as his outlet, which made the rhyming of Felipe Femur come a little easier. He has since gravitated towards literary fiction work, short stories, and the occasional children’s story. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, which he uses to develop fiction characters and discover their motivations. Russell is currently attempting to publish some of his short stories, and soon a full length novel, and is working on finishing up his master’s degree in Creative Writing.

Read more about Russell and his other work at Words of Wolfman.

For questions concerning the story or conceptual basis, please contact:


Original Characters

FelipeFemur_Nomal gummy runny sunny_2
Felipe Femur the Skeleton Gummy the Werewolf Runny the Witch Sunny the Vampire 


For more characters go to: CHARACTER CORNER



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Original (2012 – 2014)


Screen Shots

Felipe Femur

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04 Help screen Felipe Femur

Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories

Halloween Campfire Stories 1 Halloween Campfire Stories 2 Halloween Campfire Stories 3

Gummy’s Thanksgiving Feast

Gummy's Thanksgiving Feast Gummy's Thanksgiving Feast - Felipe Femur Gummy's Thanksgiving Feast - Felipe femur

Felipe Femur & Friends

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Promo Images

Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories

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Dr. Sweet Tooth

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Rock, Paper, Wizards!

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Felipe Femur: Digital Dreidel

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Felipe Femur: Present Danger

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Felipe Femur & Friends

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Our Game Videos

Kitchen Witch (2017)

Kitchen Witch (Official Trailer)

Scary Stories For Kids 2 (2016)

Scary Stories For Kids 2 (Official Trailer)

Scary Stories for Kids 2 (Gameplay)

Postcards From Felipe Femur (2016)

Postcards From Felipe Femur (Official Trailer)

Postcards From Felipe Femur (Gameplay)

Felipe Femur & Friends (2016)

Felipe Femur & Friends (Official Trailer)

Felipe Femur: Present Danger (2015)

Felipe Femur: Present Danger (Official Trailer)

Felipe Femur: Present Danger (Gameplay)

Felipe Femur: Digital Dreidel (2015)

Felipe Femur: Digital Dreidel (Official Trailer)

Rock, Paper, Wizards! (2015)

Rock, Paper, Wizards! (Official Trailer)

Rock, Paper, Wizards! (Gameplay)

Dr. Sweet Tooth (2014)

Dr. Sweet Tooth (Official Trailer #1)

Dr. Sweet Tooth (Official Trailer #2)

Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories (2014)

Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories (Gameplay)

Gummy’s Thanksgiving Feast (2014)

Gummy’s Thanksgiving Feast (Official Trailer)

Gummy’s Thanksgiving Feast (Gameplay)

Felipe Femur (2013)

Felipe Femur (Official Trailer)

Felipe Femur (Gameplay)

Our Books



Felipe Femur Word Searches, Bingo Cards, and Hangman printable sheets available for free at Coloring sheets for each character are available to print and color for free, as well. Children and parents can find many fun and exciting recipes and crafts to do together, and spooky stories and informative articles to read as well. More interactive website activities are planned for the future, including Felipe’s Spanish language course–a simple word introduction to the Spanish language; A drag and drop matching game, entitled Runny’s Double the Batch Matching Game; and a handful of hidden object pictures starring Gummy the Werewolf.

Our Products


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