Wesley Richards

Wesley Richards

Wesley Richards

Wesley Richards

Species: Cat Overlord

Brief Bio

The top dog. Wesley is one cool cat. He is a lucky black cat in a top hat… and cloak… and often with a bell around his neck. He appears numerous times in the Felipe Femur universe. Nearly always he is in a position of high power and with a ravenous appetite for influence, justice, or success. Wesley is currently the mayor of the town where Felipe Femur and friends reside. His favorite pastimes include spending the annual town budget on vanity billboards of himself, imported cream to drink, and the finest chef money can buy. This expert chef makes Wesley fresh kibble daily as he has a distaste for the traditional foods of Toonstone. He serves as both a mentor and antagonist for Clyde Lamm the spirited ghost and Felipe Femur the skeleton with a lot of heart.

It is currently unknown if Wes Noyer, the alter ego of Wesley described below, is a true history of Wesley Richards or just the daydreams of a cat.


Wesley Richards Mansion


Wes Noyer

Species: Cat

Brief Bio

Wesley Richard’s alter ego/past self, Wes Noyer, is a hard-boiled detective. Introduced in the Le Chat Noir: Crooked World webseries and Kindle e-book, Wes Noyer speaks in the tongue of classic noir detectives with words like pipestems, dame, gumshoe, stool-pigeon, bulls, heeled, and dry-gulched. He carries his trusty yo-yo for a weapon and wears a tan fedora and trench coat. He spends most nights on stakeouts or in his Wes Noyer INC. office. His arch nemesis is Lucy, the white cat and mastermind behind the recent success of the Unicorns gang. The Unicorns consist of the three De Tullio brothers, Lars, Cornelius, and Fred, each with blonde, narrow pompadours that resemble horns.



Species: Undead cat

Brief Bio

Wes Noyer also has an undead brother by the name of Waldo. Waldo was drawn into a life of crime at a young age and paid the ultimate price for it. While running from the police Waldo was struck by Felipe Femur & the Skeletones’ band van. As it happens, Felipe Femur moonlights as the grim reaper, so he brought Waldo back to “life.” Determined to make something of this second chance, Waldo started the laundromat business, The Wanderer’s Launder.

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