Gummy The Toothless Werewolf

Gummy the Toothless Werewolf

Species: Werewolf

Brief Bio

Gummy is a large werewolf who has a hard time enjoying his favorite food: meat. He learned the lesson of good oral hygiene too late and lost his teeth for it. Like the moon, Gummy feels his brightest when he’s full, so having no teeth proves to be a problem.Gummy is not a typical werewolf. Sure, he has no teeth, but there’s something else a little different about him as well. Rather than turn into a wolf beast on the full moon, as most werewolves do, he turns into a human. He often uses his brief time as a human to purchase slender-tenders from mortal world convenience stores without trouble. The price Dale the Salesman sells them for is more than double the regular price. Sometimes Gummy uses this brief window to bathe, as it’s a lot harder to clean himself when his entire body is covered in fur rather than just the top of his head.

Currently, he lives in a crescent moon house, where he invites his extended family, the Whowolves, Whenwolves, and Whatwolves, over for moon viewing feasts. He has considered Felipe Femur part of his pack ever since the skeleton bought him a corn dog at a carnival, and is Felipe’s oldest friend. He remembers fondly nipping at Felipe’s ankles way back when he was a pup.

Though typically lazy, Gummy exhibits great energy when it comes to eating and playing his saxophone for The Skeletones. He really has an appetite for music and often howls on stage at just the right moments.

Crescent Moon Shack

Gummy the Werewolf house

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