Runny the Not-So-Wicked Witch

Species: Witch

Brief Bio

A talented potion master, Runny graduated top of her class in witchcraft. Her twin sister and broommate, Bunny (nickname), went off to Romania, and Runny became a bit of a recluse in her absence. They had been so close that they dressed alike and many couldn’t tell which witch was which, until Bunny traded out her steeple cap for a performer’s top hat. Living in a grotto proved to be lonely, until one day a skeleton stumbled through a sun roof while on a walk. When her potion temporarily gave him hair, Felipe encouraged Runny to return to college to fine tune her skills. The idea quickly brewed in the cauldron of her mind, especially after she tried brewing some green tea and ended up giving herself green skin, and she pursued it.

Runny comes from a long line of witches, dating back to 1962 Salem, MA, and even further according to some of the older witches in Runny’s bloodline. Only one witch has been what most would consider evil in Runny’s family, yet she doesn’t like to speak that relative’s name or talk about her.  It might just be her aunt, though. All the others, including Runny, use their magic for good and for helping others.

Runny’s prized procession is a spell book she once checked out from the great witch library. She had meant to return it, but the library vanished after an attack by her evil relative, who had been in search of that particular book. Runny now keeps it in a grotto in order to have the stone walls keep anyone from sensing its location who might want to use it for evil.

Runny is well known for her prowess on her cauldron drums. She brings a great deal of rhythm to The Skeletones and often provides vocals.


Runny's Grotto

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