Witch Jokes

Witch Jokes

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Hi there! I’m Runny the witch. When you think witches I’m sure cackling comes to mind. That’s because witches are usually laughing about all kinds of things, including ourselves. Witches collect jokes much like they collect ingredients for spells.  Here is my collection of great witch jokes from over the years. I’m foreseeing a spell of laughter in your future so please share with your friends and family.


Why don’t witches wear top hats?

Because there’s no point!

Why do witches fly on broomsticks?

Because vacuums suck!

How can you tell what a sick witch had for breakfast?

When it comes up in conversation!

What is the difference between a witch and the letters C A S T S?

One casts spells and the other spells casts! 

Why did the witch give up her fortune-teller job?

She saw that there was no future in it.

What happens to witches who break the rules at school?

They get ex-spelled!

What runs in witch families?


Why should you beware of pretty witches?

They’ll sweep you off your feet!

Why was the sky so clear on Halloween?

Because there were witches sweeping the sky!

Why don’t witches fly off the handle?

Because it’s a long way down.

What’s a witch’s favourite subject in school?


Why did the witch make a bad weatherperson?

She kept forecasting rainy spells.

What do you call witches who share a broom?


Why did the witch tryout for the soccer team?

She heard they were searching for a new sweeper!

Why did the witch put her broom in the washing machine?

She wanted a clean sweep!

Why is it easy to mix up twin witch names?

It’s hard to tell which witch is which!

Where do witches set their tea while riding a broom?

On flying saucers.

Why didn’t the witch speak up?

She had a frog in her throat!

What do witches request at a hotel?

Broom service!

  Why did the witches’ softball team lose the game?

All their bats flew away!

Why did the witch ask bugs to write down directions?

She was looking for the spelling bee!

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