Dale the Salesman

Dale the Salesman

Dale the Salesman

Dale the Salesman

Species: Human?

Brief Bio

A scoundrel salesman who usually has just what the customer needs and, more often than not, what they don’t. He likes to collect unique wares and items—he likes his company to be just as unique. His years in retail have given him a distaste for the average person. But if there is anything he dislikes more than a commoner, it’s that somewhat rare, penny-pinching, coupon user. His arch-nemesis, Lurking Larry, seems to outsell him at every turn, making it so Dale rarely if ever turns a profit.

Dale travels from town to town in his wooden caravan, The Caravan of Wonders, usually setting up shop in fairgrounds and parking lots. Sometimes he sets up outside cemeteries, where he isn’t above selling recycled bouquets of flowers for outrageous prices. Sometimes he recruits others to help him, but usually he likes to work and travel alone as it’s cheaper that way.

Likely because of his near death experience on an icy road near a cliff, Dale can see the realm of the undead and takes full advantage this untapped customer base by stocking up on eye of newt, slender-tenders, and other otherworldly goods.

Travelling Caravan

Dale's Travelling Caravan


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