Gilli Fishel

Gilli Fishel

Gilli Fishel

Gilli Fishel

Species: Lagoon Creature

Brief Bio

Gilli is a young lagoon creature. Being from the swamp, Gilli stands out as the only one in the area who can’t swim. As such, Gilli is almost never seen without a flotation device. Usually this is the duck float show above, which was given the name Tate. With Tate, Gilli is not afraid to wade into water, but he tends to stay in the shallow end in case Tate should go flat.

Gilli’s father, Gillman Fishel, is a well known movie actor from the 1950s. It is speculated that he might return to film soon, as he’s made cameo appearances over the years and still loves acting. Luckily for him, with his youthful features, he could pass for a much younger creature—if he doesn’t pass the torch to Gilli, that is. Gilli Fishel is still a student and prefers staying focused on school studies over seeking the spotlight like Gillman. It is not known where Gilli’s mother is.  Raised Jewish, Gilli Fishel cultivated a love for Hanukkah, kippot (skullcaps), and dreidels. Gilli is the host of the game, Digital Dreidel.

Gilli Fishel sometimes makes guest appearances in The Skeletones, playing guitar.

Swamp hut

Gilli Fishel's House

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