About Us

The Developer

ZebraFox Games is a two man production team, consisting of Artistic Director/Programmer David Dorn, and Writer/Creative Director Russell Dorn. The name ZebraFox represents the combination of their nicknames, Zebra for David, and Fox for Russell. The names came about in that “Dave” and “Russ” never had a pleasant ring to either of the brothers’ ears.

Why those two animals? Well, Russell chose Fox because one translation of his name reads “red like a fox,” and he values the cleverness of the animal. “I like zebras.” This poetic quote, from David, is perhaps the most telling as to why he chose his nickname, but several others support the choice. First, it’s a herd animal, thus social, and he has always valued friendship. Second, because he has constantly strived to be unique, and the zebra wears perhaps the most unique, yet recognizable coat of all the animal kingdom. Finally, the clean simplicity of the black and white stripes echo the philosophy of his own life and work: keep it simple and clean.

The Creators

David Vincent Dorn Russell J. Dorn



David has been into art since he could shuffle the dry Cheerios on his high-chair tray into a pattern, and smear pea soup on the canvas of his bib. He studied 3D animation while still in high school, and performed well enough in a college game design class to land himself a job at 5000ft, a tight-knit slot machine designing company. He’s dabbled in digital painting, web design, film, photography, but relies most heavily on his 3D modeling and Photoshop skills to create the majority of his work. Writer, editor, student, and aspiring novelist, Russell stands in the pro camp of Oxford comma usage, and is the creative co-director behind Felipe Femur. He began writing in high school where poetry served as his outlet. He has since gravitated towards literary fiction work, short stories, and the occasional children’s story. He holds a B.A. in Psychology and is working on a M.A. in creative writing.
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