Oscar Burlin

Oscar Burlin

Oscar Burlin

Oscar Burlin

Species: Human / Warlock

Brief Bio

A loving father and magician who once lived modestly by literally pulling rabbits out of a hat. Though he worked hard, he barely managed to make ends meet. Oscar is was truly haunted by his spoiled daughter’s disappointment in him in not being able to afford private schooling, but rather than turn to bad habits, he decided to cope another way—by proving himself. In an effort to regain his daughter’s respect and prove to himself he’s a true wielder of magic, Oscar entered a contest of magic, the main event for the annual magical carnival: Magicians, the Gathering.

After seemingly endless matches with the strongest magic welders in the realm, Oscar came out victorious, proving himself to be a truly powerful warlock, and winning a small fortune. He even crossed paths with Runny the Witch and bested her in combat, though sometimes he thinks she let him win, as he shortly after began to receive a flood of requests for help with mundane tasks from fans that she might have once inspired. He just wanted to enjoy time with his family and watch football on TV. However, with the doorbell constantly ringing out and with strangers at the door constantly requesting help with folding laundry, scratching their backs, or tying their shoes… with magic,  this was made impossible. Therefore he made his house disappear and it reappeared in the realm of the not quite dead. It was immediately clear that this new town, Toonstone, would be much quieter. Dead quiet, in fact. So he decided to stay.


Oscar Burlin's House

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