Sunny The Sun-Loving Vampire

Sunny the Sun-loving Vampire

Species: Vampire

Brief Bio

A sun loving vampire. Yes, that’s correct. Once selfish and called “a pain in the neck,” by Felipe Femur, Sunny has since changed his life for the better. He works in public service and volunteers all the time. Being a banker at the local hospital by night (a blood banker) and an volunteer umpire at an indoor stadium by day, Sunny now rarely sees the sun. He misses it. He’s always loved the beach and currently resides in a coffin at the shoreline, but remains sensitive to the sun without SPF 1000 sunscreen.

Throughout the years Sunny has had many jobs, from hat maker’s apprentice to CEO of a fortune 500 company. For his first few centuries he valued money above all else, but eventually found he was hoarding large amounts for no real reason, never spending more than what was needed and never on anything extravagant. After meeting Felipe Femur, Sunny saw the value of free time and friends. He has since donated a large sum of his fortune to the less fortunate. He still likes to keep busy, especially since he’s somewhat of an insomniac. He keeps two jobs to make sure he’s never bored, including lifeguard in the summer.

He also loves playing his upright bass in The Skeletones, a band that includes Felipe Femur, Runny, and Gummy.

Coffin on the Beach

Sunny's House

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