Felipe Femur

Felipe Femur

Felipe Femur

Felipe Femur

Species: Skeleton

Brief Bio

Like most skeletons in the closet, Felipe Femur tends to stay hidden away. In other words, he’s usually a lone wolf, as his friend Gummy likes to say. In his closet he loves to build things: forts, houses of cards; he also loves to solve puzzles, but sometimes he grows bored of these things. Sometimes, he yearns for time with his friends. And so he invites them over to hang out, or he walks to find them. Being the health nut he is, Felipe loves to walk. In doing so, he meets many new friends. He meets up with old friends, too. Maybe someday, if you’re out and about, he’ll walk into you.

When Felipe doesn’t feel like walking, he’ll sometimes use his magical closet door to travel. The door’s origin is as elusive as Felipe’s past. All that is known is that with a couple twists of his skeleton key, his closet door can open in any location where a closet is found. He never does this uninvited for he has accidentally scared people when they open their closet in search of a sweater and find a surprise skeleton.

Felipe loves music and can often be found playing a pair of maracas. He also sometimes plays the bongos and sings in his band, Felipe Femur & The Skeletones.

Tweet to Felipe Femur on Twitter @FelipeFemur. He’d love to hear from you.

The Closet

Felipe Femur's House

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