Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween Party Games for Kids

Halloween Party Games for Kids halloween-992696_960_720 Halloween Party Games for Kids children list


Mummy Wrapping

To start our list of Halloween Party Games for Kids, we have Mummy Wrapping. The Mummy Wrap Game, or Mummy Wrapping, is a fun, easy, and cheap activity to put together. You simply need a couple of rolls of toilet paper and a couple of kids willing to be mummified (not the Egyptian way). Separate into teams (at least two) and have one member of each group be the mummy and the others be the wrappers. Race to see who can be wrapped up from head to toe the quickest in the TP bandages. If you only have enough people for a single team, try timing how long it takes and take turns, then compare times. There’s no need to waste the used toilet paper–if it’s dry, it can still be used as normal, as party streamers, or to clean up any spills that are typical of Halloween parties.


Pin the Skull on the Skeleton

Pin the tail of the donkey is a party classic which requires a cut out donkey and separate tail and a blindfold. Players are blindfolded, given the tail, spun around and then left to attempt to place the tail cutout on the donkey’s backside. Pin the Skull on the Skeleton is simply an alliteration of that with a Halloween theme. You can choose which bone to pin: skull, femur, fibula, etc.  This is also an opportunity to teach your kids some of the major bones in the body. Skeleton cut outs can be purchases at dollar stores, printed out at home, or hand drawn. You can use a skeleton as suggested here, or perhaps pin the wart on the witch, the nose on the werewolf, or even pin the stake on the vampire.


Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for apples, or apple bobbing, is holiday tradition that stretches way back to the Roman invasion of Britain. It is likely the oldest know Halloween party game on this list. The game is played by filling a basin with water and dumping a few apples in. The apples float or bob on the surface. This allows party guests the opportunity to attempt to grab them. The trick though is to get the apples with your mouth, your hands being placed behind your back. As many costumes in modern times utilize face makeup, the apple stems can be tied with string and hung on a stick. Guests again attempt to grab the apples with their mouths, but the apples are instead suspended in the air, allowing the players to remain dry. Donuts can be substituted in this version to make the game easier.

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Candy Corn Count

Candy Corn Count is a simple guessing game that requires a bit of preparation. The judge of the game must secretly count how many candy corn or similarly small treats can fit into a transparent container of their choice. The Halloween party guests should then be encouraged to guess how many candy corn pieces are in the jar or container. Guests might wish to write down how many they believe are in the container to more easily keep track, especially if there are a lot of guessers. Whoever’s guess it closest to the actual number is the winner. You may choose if the winner wins a prize–candy, a toy, nothing or whatever.

Halloween Bingo

If things are getting to loud and crazy at the Halloween party, consider playing a game of Halloween Bingo. You can print out free bingo sheets and a Halloween word list on our printables page. As for directions: have anyone playing the game of bingo write a different single word from the word list in each box on their card, at random. Once the bingo cards are all completed with words, have a reader call out a word from the list at random. Have the players place a candy corn on the square with that word on their card (middle is free from everyone). First to get five in a row yells out “bingo” and wins. Prizes are suggested and can be whatever you’d like.

Halloween Hangman

Another fun game in the Halloween party games for kids arsenal, and one to help quiet things down, is Halloween Hangman. You can print out hangman sheets and a Halloween word list on our printables page, use a white board or a black board, or even fridge letter magnets.  Simply think of a Halloween related word or phrase: haunted House, black cat, skeleton, and have those playing guess a letter at a time. If they say a letter that’s not in the word, draw a head. If they get another letter wrong, draw a body, then an arm, another arm, and two legs. If the whole body is drawn before the word is guessed, the game is lost. If the word is guessed the game is won. If the words aren’t being guessed in time and kids are getting frustrated, consider making the phrase a pangram, which is a sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet. Here are a couple examples:

  1. The five boxing wizards jump quickly.
  2. How vexingly quick daft zebras jump!

Also available to print for free are Halloween coloring sheets, word searches, and mazes.

Halloween Party Games for Kids treasure hunt Trick_or_Treater Halloween Party Games for Kids candy treat

Halloween Hunt

Scavenger hunts (a.k.a. treasure hunts) are fun and adventurous and a perfect addition to our list of Halloween Party Games for Kids. Who doesn’t dream of finding treasure? Even if that treasure is candy not gold coins, kids will be thrilled to go on the hunt and find the stash. The treasure can be what ever you want: candy, cupcakes, a Halloween feast, the next game. It’s the hunt that’s the fun part. Solving simple riddles will exercise minds and make children feel smart and like capable treasure hunters. Either write clues and leave a breadcrumb trail of the riddle notes from clue to clue, or draw up a fun map for the kids to follow. Halloween scavenger hunts can be as fun to make as they are to follow so get creative and create an adventure for your fiends and children. The scavenger hunt path can be made outside or inside if it proves to be too chilly outdoors.

The Limbo

The Limbo is a traditional and popular dance contest that originated on an island by the name of Trinidad. Doing the Limbo with a limbo stick is a party classic and has extended even to roller rinks. So why not Halloween parties? The idea is simple: have players attempt to make it under a horizontally placed pole or stick by leaning backwards to shorten themselves. The bar is lowered upon each successful round. Knocking the pole off means you are disqualified. You can have stands hold the pole or have two guests hold either end loosely. This is a dance / game of balance and flexibility, both of which kids tend to excel at.  You can decorate the pole if you wish with Halloween streamers, spider webs, glow int he dark paint, or whatever.

Monster Mash Stop-Go Movement

To get the party more active there’s nothing better than a little music and dancing. To turn dancing into a game and encourage participation from even the shyest guest, there is Monster Mash Stop-Go Movement game. Simply pick a great Halloween song (we’ve assembled a list of great choices here: 13 HALLOWEEN SONGS FOR KIDS) and have the kids dance while the music is playing and stop when the music stops. Those still moving after the music ends are out. Keep going until you have a winner and then do it again with another song. Pause the music if you see kids in positions that are hard to hold and wait for the laughs. If everyone still has energy after this game just let the music play and the kids dance.

girls-1092920_960_720 9043511927_5489669750_b Children dance to a new song from PSY called Gangnam Style, during a prep rally at the Kadena Teen Center on Kadena Air Base, Japan, Nov. 2, 2012. The Toy Industry Foundation in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club of America gave away 1,900 toys to children of military member and families who were stationed at Kadena. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Justin Veazie)

Halloween Feel Boxes

Halloween Feel Boxes is a game that focuses on the sense of touch and suggestion. It requires a bit of preparation. The idea is to make food feel like gross creatures or body parts: spiders, eyes, brains, guts. For example you could peel grapes to feel more like eyeballs, or make spaghetti of udon noodles to feel like intestines, or dried apricots as ears, pipe cleaners as tarantula legs, steamed (and cooled) cauliflower as brains, popcorn kernels as loose teeth, overcooked rice as maggots, or perhaps peel a tomato to feel like a heart, or use baby carrots to feel like fingers and toes. You can use tissue boxes, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, or any kind of box really. Paint them black and decorate them if you’d like. Simply fill the boxes, close them up, cut a hand size hole, and have guests close their eyes and reach in after suggesting the gross thing you want to think they’re touching.

Pumpkin Pop

Pumpkin pop is a simple game, but it requires a little set up with adult supervision. You’ll need a pack of orange balloons, small pieces of candy, and strong lungs. press a piece of candy into each deflated balloon, then blow the balloon up. After tying the balloon off, you can decorate it to look more like a pumpkin with some green paper leaves. Once you have a patch of pumpkin balloons, you can have the players stomp on them to pop them and retrieve the candy.  Another idea would be to only fill some of the balloons with candy of small coins and whoever pops the balloon with the items wins the game.

Walk the Web

To play walk the web you’ll need some masking tape. Create a large web on the floor of a clear area like a living room. Have those who want to play attempt to walk as straight as they can on the lines of the “web.” This is a balancing game. To make it more fun and challenging, blow up a black balloon to serve as the spider. Gently throw the spider balloon at whoever is walking the web to attempt to throw them off balance. If they step off the line, they lose. If they stay on, they win.

Witch Hat Ring Toss

To conclude our list of Halloween Party Games for Kids, we have Witch Hat Ring Toss, which takes the classic carnival game of ring toss and makes it Halloween themed. Witch hats are pointed and thus perfect for catching rings. To make the witch hats have an adult spray paint a set of small, cheap traffic cones black and glue on a construction paper buckle. Spray painted paper plants can be used to make the typically square cone bottoms to look round. Take turns tossing rings onto the witch hats after they have had time to dry.

Thanks for reading our list of Halloween Party Games for Kids. We hope your party goes great! Happy Halloween!

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