List of the Best Free Online Browser Games for Kids

List of the Best Free Online Browser Games for Kids

List of the Best Free Online Browser Games for Kids

List of the Best Free Online Browser Games for Kids

Felipe Femur the skeleton here with my List of the Best Free Online Browser Games for Kids. Browser means web based, in case you didn’t know.

Most parents have the common sense to know that the internet can be a dangerous place, especially to those who are still quite impressionable, such as children. If it exists, the internet most likely has a page dedicated to it, after all. And there are plenty of terrible things out there! Even typing in seemingly innocuous URLs can lead to unsavory and unwanted images and content, spam, and computer viruses! My friends and I want to help parents make healthy, safe choices when it comes to their children’s web surfing activities, including gaming. Therefore I have compiled an alphabetical list of fun games on the web that provide wholesome, educational content to children. Enjoy the following list of approved children’s browser games and make surfing carefree and easy again!

NOTE: I always love to learn new things, so if you come across a cool browser game on your own wanderings, send me an email and my staff and I will review it. If it fits within the guidelines of safe, fun, and educational, I’ll add it to the list of List of the Best Free Online Browser Games for Kids

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List of the Best Free Online Browser Games for Kids Greatest List of the Best Kid Friendly Websites

List of the Best Free Online Browser Games for Kids


Ace Savvy On The Case
Adventure Time Battle Party
Arthur Delivers
Aviva’s Powersuit Maker


Baby Fox’s Big Machine
Block Party 3
Bob The Builder Beams Away
Bob The Builder Delivery Dash
Bob The Builder Stack To The Sky
Bob’s Toolbox
Boogie Woogie Bird Legs
Breakdown Blast


Capture the Fishmobiles
Cartoon Creator
Creature Features
Creature Mobile


Daniel Tiger’s Dress Up
Daniel Tiger’s Music Shop
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Cleanup
Don’t Flood The Fidgits
Drillionare 2


Ed, Edd n  Eddy Games
Eyes on the Road

Ernie’s Dinosaur Daycare


Family History Fun
Fast And Furrious
Feathered Chase
Felipe Femur

Felipe Femur & Friends ✮
Finn & Bones
Fizzy’s Food Truck
FusionFall Heroes


Galaxy Escape: Rescue Squad Impossible
Glitch Fixers
Grover’s Rhyme TIme


Haunted House Builder
Hero’s Choice
Hover Pizza Cats


Instamatic Monsters
Instamatic Monsters 2


Jet’s Planet Pinball


Kart Kingdom ✮


Legends Of The Hidden Temple


Marcy The Vampire Hunter
Mindy’s Constellation Exploration
Mushroom Commando


Nature Cat’s Adventure
Nature Changer
Nick Pets Vs Real Pets
Nick Soccer Stars
Nick Summer Sports Stars
Nick Tennis Stars
Nickelodeon Basketball Stars
Nickelodeon Hockey Stars
Nickelodeon Power Packed
Nickelodeon Racing Stars


Odd Squad Agent Check-Up
Odd Squad Cases

Oh Noah! Crossroads!
Oh Noah! Lost and Found
Omniverse Collection


Paradise Run
Park Builder

Peg + Cat Hair Salon
Peg’s Parade
Pet Vet
Plum’s Creature Connector
Present Danger
Princess Presto’s Spectacular Spelling Play




Racing Rapids
Rail Rally
Rhino Bowl
Romance On Ice
Royal Ruckus
Rule The Roost


Scary Brawl
Scary Stories For Kids 2

Sean’s Rescue Quest
Seed Racer
Seed Soaring
Sky Stacker
SpongeBob: Live From Bikini Bottom 2
SpongeBob SquarePants: Glove Universe
SpongeBob SquarePants: Rock Collector

Story Book Builder
Suburban Super Sports
Super Brawl World
Super Why Saves The Day
Sweet Ooodyssey
Sydney’s Astro-Tracker


The Cat In The Hat Camp Time
The Cat In The Hat Invention Engine
The Cookie Games
The Loud House
The Powerpuff Girls Games
The Thundermans: Dr. Colosso On The Run
Titanic Kungfubot Offensive
Towering Legends
Treehouse Designer


Ultimate Hero Clash 2
Unleash The Power 2


Vilgax Crash


Waldo Loves Muffy
Winter Wonderland Builder
Word Searches



If you would like to tell us about any other kid friendly games that we’ve missed, please use the contact form above. You can find the contact form on the far right of the navigation menu at the top of the website. It’s the big, INFO button. Simply click Contact, fill in the necessary information, and then click send.

Felipe Femur - Best Kid Friendly Websites List

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