The Foods of Toonstone

The Foods of Toonstone


Apple Bites

If you’re looking for a little more bite in your diet, look no further than Apple Bites. In the mortal world an apple a day might keep the doctor away. In Toonstone an apple might make you need a doctor. As apples ripen and then rot in Toonstone, they grow teeth. These “teeth” are thought to be calcium deposits that form hard, often sharp plateaus at the edge of the fruit. As the apples rot they shrivel in a way that gives them spring. When the apple skin is disturbed, such as when someone bites into it, it snaps. This leads to the impression that the apples are biting back. Thus the name, Apple Bites.  Bite sized fruit with a bite.

You can learn how to make your own Apple Bites, with fresh apples. A recipe for human consumption is available, which uses red apples, peanut butter, and mini marshmallows: Apple Bites recipe.

Combative Fruitcake holiday

 Combative Fruitcakes

Combative fruitcakes are a holiday classic, but certainly not a favorite. It’s always a battle to get these cakes down for they really put up a fight with their dry and abrasive personalities. The only thing worse than consuming a combative fruitcake in enduring their company, which is typically suffered through over the winter holidays.They tend to either take control of the conversation or hide in places such as the pantry, waiting to leap out and wage battle with hungry stomachs. Not all combative fruitcakes are armed. Some rely on martial arts and still others rely on quick wit and a sharp tongue to inflict damage, sometimes leading a loss of appetite in their victims.

Combative Fruitcakes made their first appearances as mid level enemies in the Android app, Present Danger. They are also featured in the new Christmas themed Felipe Femur E-book, Feast for the Beast.


Deviled Spider Eggs

Deviled eggs in the mortal world are usually a welcome sight at a catered party. Same goes for Toonstone, but the eggs are not quiet the same. While both recipes utilize chicken eggs, those in Toonstone are usually not so fresh. There is special kind of spider in Toonstone that behaves similar to a dung beetle, but instead of rolling dung, it rolls eggs out of coops. Once the spider has its stolen egg in a safe place, it will inject the egg with a venom that curdles the insides. The result is surprisingly much the same as deviling an egg with a tang similar to mayonnaise and mustard. Residents of Toonstone seek these spiders out and collect the eggs they’ve stolen. Protective of “their” eggs the spiders tend to latch on. The monsters of Toonstone will still eat them. In fact many residents, such as Felipe Femur the skeleton, prefer their deviled spiders eggs with the spider still on them.

You can learn how to make your own Deviled Spider Eggs, without the gross spiders. A recipe for human consumption is available, which uses black olives and fresh eggs: Deviled Spider Eggs recipe.


Flea Tea

Many historians who study Toonstone like to make the bogus claim that werewolves, as a species, have contributed very little or not at all to the culture of the underworld. Flea Tea is perhaps the best counter argument to this flawed assertion. Flea Tea is the most common drink in Toonstone and is rarely disliked by anyone. You’d be hard pressed to find a modern tea gathering without a kettle of Flea Tea brewing. Mixed into the tea, the fleas drink their fill and expand into juicy balls of flavor. Ancient werewolves are thought to have brewed the lively tea when they first started traveling in packs as a show of good intentions and generosity. Beyond tea, werewolves are the first to develop the Howl-a-Billy genre of music, but that’s another story.

You can learn how to make your own version of Flea Tea that is appropriate for human consumption. Rather than using fleas, chia seeds are substituted in, but you don’t have to tell your guests that.


 Grave Goblet

Grave goblets truly are a favorite. Year round, characters in the fictional world of Toonstone enjoy these desserts. In winter it is traditional to add whipped sour-cream to the top to make it look like snow; in fall a few decaying leaves will do. Grave goblets are made from either the dirt and worms of a graveyard, or the cheaper variety witch simply uses dirt from a crossroad. Decorative tombstones are often used as are glass cups for it’s easier to see the worm tunnels that way—the source of all the flavor.

You can learn how to make your own Grave Goblets, without the dirt and living worms. A recipe for human consumption is available, which uses pudding, oreos, and gummy worms: Grave Goblet recipe.


Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies are sure to please guest and ghoul alike. Recipes vary, but most are whipped up with slime, eye of newt, and grave dirt flour. The colors come naturally from the ingredients.The no-bake version of these monster cookies tended to run off in search of warmth, so many residents of Toonstone opt for the baked version of these monstrously good snacks instead. Some prefer one monstrously large cookie to a batch of smaller ones, but this is difficult to cook correctly and often requires a trained chef or baker.

You can learn how to make your own Monster Cookies, without the slime and grave dirt flour. A recipe (with video) for human consumption is available, which uses food coloring and typical cookie ingredients: Monster Cookies recipe.

Mortal Energy™ Mortal Energy drink for the Monster in you

Mortal Energy

Mortal Energy™ is an energy drink available for purchase by characters in the fictional world of Toonstone. The drink is a carbonated beverage, in a black and green can, with human male and human female joining hands to make a silhouette letter “M” for Mortal. It consists of “stuff” and “more stuff.” The exact ingredients are unknown. Dale the Salesman suggest that it’s better chilled, but sells it warm due to a lack of a refrigerator in his travelling caravan. The drink supposedly revitalizes the drinker (in the case of Felipe Femur: Choice Adventures, it gives a +30% boost to the energy stat). It is also known that there are health issues related to its consumption (causing a -10% health stat decline in the previously mentioned game).

The carbonated energy drink makes its first appearance in Felipe Femur: Choice Adventures and a subsequent appearance int he upcoming children’s book, Felipe Femur: A Monster Halloween.

 Pumpkin Patch Scones

Pumpkin Patch Batch of Scones

Even rotten, decaying, shriveled up pumpkins have a use in Toonstone. While also a scone, these pumpkin patch scones are entirely different than Tomb-scones. These are naturally occurring in most pumpkin patches and simply need to be baked for a few minutes before being served. In Toonstone, pumpkin beetles climb up on ripe pumpkins and inject an enzyme into the center, disolving the seeds and pulp. The beetles then suck the insides back up. Over time the pumpkins shrink as the beetles grow. Eventually the once plump pumpkins are shriveled, at which point they can be harvested. The pumpkin beetles are often left on as they provide a nice crunch and extra splash of pumpkin flavor.

You can learn how to make your own Pumpkin Patch Batch of Scones, without the shriveled pumpkin and pumpkin beetles. A recipe for human consumption is available, which uses all purpose flour, pumpkin spice, cream, and sugar: Pumpkin Patch Batch of Scones recipe.


Slender Tenders ™ slim, meat stick.

Slender Tenders

Slender Tenders are a brand name jerky stick made of an unknown type of meat (or perhaps tofu) available for purchase by characters in the fictional world of Toonstone. Characterized by its narrow (slender), cylindrical, and soft (tender) shape and consistency, the snack remains a favorite despite it being categorized as a junk food. In FF:CA Slender Tenders give a balanced, though menial, +5% to the health and energy stats.  Slender Tenders are a favorite of Gummy the Toothless werewolf, and he can be heard talking about his love for them in Felipe Femur & Friends, an interactive meet and greet. They come packaged in a red and yellow wrapper that makes a distinct crinkling sound when opened.The Slender Tenders also come, perhaps ironically, is a squat and fat tub, in the shape of a rectangle.

The meat sticks made their first appearance in Felipe Femur: Halloween Campfire Stories (a.k.a. Scary Stories for Kids). Its image was first introduce in Felipe Femur: Present Danger, and it’s initial appearance was only in text. Slender tenders makes another appearance in the game, Felipe Femur: Choice Adventures, and the upcoming children’s book Felipe Femur: A Monster Halloween. 



Tomb-scones (Tombscones) are Felipe Femur the skeleton’s favorite tea time treat. Most characters in the fictional world of Toonstone eat these, and typically enjoy them in the afternoon with cauldron tea or flea tea. They are usually made with grave dirt flour, and can be made gluten free. Graveyard pebbles are often added to make the flavor more robust. The scones are also often decorated with tiny mud or chalk skulls or mud letters that spell out R.I.P (Rest in Peace) to remind the eaters to be thankful they’re undead.

You can learn how to make your own Tomb-scones, without the grave dirt flour and pebbles. A recipe for human consumption is available, which uses all purpose flour, chocolate chips, and sugar: Tomb-Scone recipe.




 Witch’s Brew Party Punch

Witch’s Brew Party Punch is Runny’s the witch’s specialty. She created it after accidentally knocking a handful of potions into a bowl. Everyone enjoyed the taste, and ever since then she has tried recreating the perfect party punch. Unfortunately, while it’s still good, it’s always different and never quite lives up to that first time. Noticeable ingredients are: eyeballs or a large animal, wings of a bat, and earth worms.

You can learn to make your own Witch’s Brew Party Punch, without the eyeballs and real bat wings and worms. A recipe for human consumption is available, which uses lime sherbet, soda, and gummy worms: Witch Brew Party Punch recipe.

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