A is for Apple, A is for Abuela

A is for Apple, A is for Abuela

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A is for?

Hello, Friends! Felipe Femur the skeleton here. I thought it would be fun to teach you a little Spanish. We can start by going through the English alphabet. For each letter we can pick a word. Then I can teach you the Spanish translation. I also thought it would be fun to do this the other way around. We can pick Spanish words that start with each letter. I’ll teach you the English translation for each Spanish word. Today we shall start with the letter A!

A is for Apple

I don’t know about you, but the first word that comes to my mind is “Apple.” I love apples! I really love the soggy ones with worms in them, but you probably like crisp, juicy apples. They are both healthy for growing bodies and sweet to taste. Though we’ll have to agree to disagree on what is or is not delicious. We’re here to learn Spanish not argue, after all. Apple in Spanish is  “La manzana.” Can you say “La manzana?” Nice job! To say “I love apples” in Spanish you’d say, “Me encantan las manzanas!” Try it with me: “Me encantan las manzanas!” One more time: “Me encantan las manzanas!” Good job, friend!


A is for Abuela

The first Spanish word that comes that comes to my skull for A is “Abuela.” Do you know what Abuela means? I’ll describe my abuela and see if you can guess. My abuela is old and kind. She bakes me tomb-scones and cookies when I visit. She is the mother of my mother. That’s right! Abuela means “Grandmother.” Very nice!

Try and use the words “Manzana” and “Abuela” instead of “Apple” and “Grandma” today. If you feel like learning even more now, you can move on to the letter B.Adios for now. Adios means “Good bye!”

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