C is for Cat, C is for Cebra

C is for Cat, C is for Cebra

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C is for?

Hello! It’s your friendly neighborhood skeleton, Felipe Femur, here. As we decide at the start of these lessons, we will pick a letter for each letter in the English Alphabet. I will then teach you the Spanish translation of that word. We’ll also do this the other way around. I’ll pick a Spanish word that starts with each letter and teach you the English translation. Today’s letter is C!


C is for Cat

I don’t know about you, but the first sponsored word that comes to my mind for C is “cat.” Cats are great! There are many respected cat citizens in Toonstone. Our mayor happens to be a black cat. We also have a famous detective mystery series here called Le Chat Noir that features a cat detective. Wait. Cats are pets where you’re from? As in you’re the boss, not them? That’s surprising! Cat’s control everything here—they’re Toonstone overlords! You have to help me— Welp, time to get back to the lesson. I’ve said too much. They’ve heard… C is for Cat. Yes, cat. Everyone loves cats! No one could dislike cats. No one. (Not even if they wanted to…)

Time to learn some Spanish. Cat in Spanish is “gato,” or more correctly, “el gato,” or even more correctly, for Toonstone at least, “Señor gato.” Can you say “el gato?” Nice job! To say “cats” in Spanish you’d say, “gatos.” Try it with me: “gatos!” One more time: “gatos!” Great job, friend!


C is for Cebra

The first Spanish word I think of for C is “cebra,” or “la cebra.” Do you know what la cebra means? I’ll describe a cebra and see if you can guess. A cebra is an animal. Cebras live on the dry grasslands of Africa. A cebra has black and white stripes. That right! La cebra means “zebra.” Very good!

Try and use the words “el gato” and “la cebra” instead of “cat” and “zebra” today. If you feel like learning even more now, you can move on to the letter D. Adios for now!

P.S. ¡Ayuadame! ¡Los gatos están mirando!

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