Alien Jokes

Alien Jokes

Alien Jokes

Hello, uh, fellow Earthling! Yes, fellow  Earthling… I’m Joe Miller, your typical down-to-earth guy, who’s definitely not an alien in disguise. Anyway, since there’s TOTALLY no alien in our home town of Toonstone, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile some of the best alien jokes I’ve ever discovered in this solar system. So, of you’re looking for some out of this world humor to make your friends and family laugh, you’ve landed in the right place. That alien feeling you might feel in the pit of your stomach after reading these jokes is a little thing called laughter. It bubbles up and escapes from the mouth in a series of noises. Do not be afraid, human, this is normal and the sounds vary from person to person… hmm… perhaps I’ve said too much. Without further ado, here are the best alien jokes around! Enjoy!


Why do aliens write love notes using crop circles?

Because they are corny!

Why do aliens like Earth restaurants the most?

The atmosphere.

What’s a light year?

A regular year with fewer calories.

How did the alien get the baby to go to sleep?

He sang ‘Rocket-bye baby.’

Where do computer loving aliens hang out?

The space bar.

What did the alien say to the gardener?

Take me to your weeder!

Where do aliens park their spaceships?

Parking meteors!

What do you call a sad alien spaceship?

A crying saucer.

What do you get when you cross a UFO with a wizard?

A flying sorcerer.

Have you heard the joke about the UFO?

Never mind—it just went over your head.

What do you call an alien with 3 eyes?

An aliiien!

What do you say to a three-headed alien?

Hello! Hello! Hello!

What an alien’s favorite music from this solar system?


How do aliens organize a space party?

They planet!

Why do aliens bring cows on their spaceships?

So they can see the moooooon!

What type of tea do aliens like most?


What do aliens serve their tea on?

Flying saucers.

What’s an alien’s favorite website?

What did the alien say when his spaceship landed on a small island on Earth?

I’m all out of space.

How do you debunk aliens?

By tossing them out of bed.

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