Ghost Jokes

Ghost Jokes

Ghost Jokes for kids Halloween funny

Boo! Did I scare you? Well, now I hope to make you laugh. I’m Clyde Lamm, your friendly neighborhood ghost. I thought who better to introduce this list of funny ghost jokes than a ghost host? While I’m new to this ghost thing myself, and I can relate to all these,  but I’ve realized you don’t have to be dead to enjoy these. So, if you’re tired of being BOO’d after telling bad jokes, try these to get some genuine laughs. Get your white sheets out and try these frighteningly funny ghost jokes out on your friends and family and share the high spirits of laughter. Even those  humorless friends you might have  don’t stand a ghost of a chance at not laughing.


Why don’t ghosts like the rain?

Because it dampens spirits.

Why are ghosts never arrested?

Because you can’t pin anything on them!

Why did the ghost starch his sheets?

To scare everyone stiff!

What happens when a ghost gets lost in a storm?

He is mist.

A girl regretted marrying a ghost

She didn’t know what possessed her!

What do you call it when a ghost makes a mistake?

A boo boo!

Why don’t ghosts ride horses during the day?

Because they’re nightmares!

Who writes the best horror books?

A ghostwriter!

Why didn’t the ghost pursue his dreams?

He didn’t believe in himself!

Why did the ghost cross the road?

To get to The Other Side!

How do ghosts keep their hair standing on end?

They use scare spray!

What do you call a dinosaur ghost?

A terrordactyl!

Why did the unfunny ghost become a comedian?

For the boos!

Why are ghosts bad at lying?

Because everyone can see right through them!

Why is the letter “G” spooky for guests?

Because it turns a host into a ghost!

Why did the driver stop when he saw a ghost?

He had a nervous breakdown!

Why are ghosts who haunt skyscrapers happy?

They’re high spirits!

Why did the conservation officer fine the ghost?

Because he had no haunting license!

When did the ghost say he’d do his homework?

In the moaning.

Why are ghost homes usually smaller than regular homes?

They don’t need a living room!

Why can’t ghosts keep fit bodies?

Regular exorcise!

What did the ghost teacher say to her confused students?

I’ll go through it again.

Why did the ghost receive so little attention from girls?

He wasn’t much to look at.

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